Privacy Policy

About Mixed Vibes

Personal details and processing of information

In order to provide a good and personal service, Mixed Dreams needs certain information from you. We ask you to fill in your personal details when you create your account, because we need this information in order to correctly process your order; this is not possible without your details. When you place an order at our online shop, the following information is registered:

Company and identity information

These are the details we ask you to fill in when you create your account:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • Place
  • Country
  • Name contact person
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number

We use these details to process your order and deliver the package to you as soon as possible. We need your e-mail address in order to send you the order confirmation, so you always have proof of your order. Your e-mail address will also be used to communicate with you about your order. Your e-mail address will not be used for marketing purposes.

Payment information

During registration of your payment information, we only register the total amount and your payment method. Of course your bank details will not be registered and every method of payment is secure.

Traffic information

Traffic information consists of registering an IP address *, installing a cookie **, registering click behavior and analyzing your navigation on our website.

Using traffic information, we analyze the surfing behavior of our customers. We look at how the navigation menu is used, which pages our customers visit and which products they order, so we can improve the visibility, the functionality and the content of our website.

* An IP address is an Internet Protocol address that indicates a unique destination on the Internet. This can mean that in some cases, it can be traced directly to a customer’s computer. IP address information is essential in order for us to send the right pages to the right computer.

** A cookie is a collection of information, a registration file, that a website saves on a computer’s hard drive. A cookie does not identify a visitor, but the visitor’s computer. Our website installs a cookie in order to match your ordered products to your computer (this way, your shopping cart is only visible to you). If you want to know which cookies will be installed on your computer by our website, you can check our cookie page.

Objectives and data processing

Below you will find Mixed Vibes objectives for collecting your data. Mixed Vibes has the following specific goals for processing your information: 

Mixed Vibes processes identity information for administrative purposes, such as:

  • processing your order
  • delivering your order to the delivery address provided by you

Mixed Vibes processes payment information for administrative purposes, namely:

  • payment for your order

Mixed Vibes processes traffic data for communicative purposes, such as:

  • improving usability of the website

Redirecting to other websites

The Mixed Vibes website can contain advertisements by third parties, or links to other websites that are not managed by Mixed Vibes. Mixed Vibes is in no way responsible for the content or compliance with security regulations by the managers of the concerning websites. The integration of links to other websites also does not imply an approval by Mixed Vibes regarding the content of those websites. 

Secure pages

Our online payment options are secure. The pages are secured with SSL, which means your information is encrypted and it is impossible for third parties to read your (credit card) information. You can check the security by going to the payment page, right-clicking and then clicking ‘Properties’. A new window will appear with your connection data. Look at ‘Connection’ and you will see that there is an SSL connection. Your credit card details, like the card number and the expiration date, are of course not saved anywhere.

Period of storage

To provide our services in the best way possible, we save the information that you fill in. The information is saved as long as your account is active. 

Source of data

The information processed by Mixed Vibes is obtained from visitors and customers and is provided by visitors themselves when a visitor applies for an account.

Provision of data

Mixed Vibes provides your information to a limited group of third parties who process this information for administrative purposes:

  • Payment provider: for the processing of money transfers, depending on your payment method i.e PayPal
  • Transporting companies: in order to send your package to the right address, we provide your address information to the company that transports your package: FedEx, DHL or UPS.
  • Data analysis: in order to keep improving our website, we can pass on data to parties that help us run data analyses (for example Google Analytics).